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The $10 Million Nightmare: Why EVERYONE Needs Cybersecurity Training

PRO TIP: The best tips and rules and policies work best when EVERYONE is aware, trained, and routinely tested and reminded.

A teacher properly flagged a phishing email, but someone inside the Baltimore County School system’s network didn’t follow the guidelines. 2.5 years and a nearly $10 Million network upgrade later, and the FBI and Homeland Security are still investigating. Read more at the link below or listen to the 8 minute podcast from “The Other Side” to hear more of the story.

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Podcast –

Don’t let this happen to you. Our training is perfect for informing your entire organization on the importance of cybcersecurity, steps to take to prevent threats, and what to do if a threat is detected. If you plan to do business with the Department of Defense or contract with a company that does, Training and Awareness are a critical component of C.M.M.C. Certification.

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